◆ Nurse series 2018 · Information on reservation ◆

◆ Nurse series 2018 · Information on reservation ◆

【Reservation Period】 From April 12 th (Thursday) to April 30 th (Monday · Holiday) in 2018

【Expected date of arrival】 around the end of August 2018

There are no restrictions on the number ofbookings (the number of sheets to be produced), but if you make a reservationbeyond your expectation, depending on the time of booking

Since the expected arrival date willchange, please forgive us.

(When arrival schedule date changes, wewill guide you in advance by web shop · twitter · facebook etc.)

Arrival is set as around the end of Augustbecause there are long holidays (Golden Week · Bon festival) after thereservation period.

Thank you for watching.

First of all ... I apologize for being nogood at English.

If there are unnatural expressions, pleasefeel free to contact me when you think that you are unintelligible.

For overseas orders

From the cart of the web shop, we can notaccept orders because it does not correspond to automatic shipping costcalculation

Please order by email.

About deposit :

Please pay 10000 yen per one dress. Thedeposit money of the head dress is unnecessary.

Please pay the reservation fee in PayPalfirst within the reservation period.

I will charge PayPal after the reservationmail arrives.

If deposit payment can not be confirmedwithin the reservation period, we will process the cancellation.

When the dress arrives from the factory,ask the PayPal to pay the remaining fee and shipping fee.

We will ship after confirming payment.

◆about shipping cost◆

Shipping fee will be shipped in Asianregion 1500 yen · other countries 2000 yen.

(When shipping to a country with specialconditions, we will contact you individually as it is not that limit)

You can not change the cancellation, color,size after reservation.

If canceled, reservation fee can not berefunded, so please reserve it on due consideration.

Please send the reservation to this e-mailaddress.

You can use Messenger for inquiries. Toprocess orders from many people, please be sure to send by e-mail.

If there is no reply from me within a fewdays, the mail may be unreachable.

In that case let us know by messenger.

Reservation email address:physicaldrop_no1@yahoo.co.jp

Title ofreservation mail 【Reservation of nurse series】

Product name of order item (nurse OP /nurse head dress)
Color (White Red / Black Stripe)
Size (regular / plus size)
Number of order items

Your name, country, address, zip code, phone number,
PayPal account email

◆ Product name ◆ Nurse style OP

◆ Color ◆ White series · black and white stripetwo colors expansion

◆ Price ◆

(Regular size)24300 yen (tax included)

(Plus size) 25380yen (excluding tax)

◆ Size ◆

Regular size:

Shoulder width 38cm · Length 87 cm · Waist line from back neck root 32 cm · waistline to hem 55cm

Sleeve length 30c+ Frill 3cm · The maximum tubular size of the sleeve 46cm · Bust 88c up(elastic stretched up to 110c) · Waist 85cm up (elastic stretched up to 110cm)

Plus size:

Shoulder width 42cm · Length 90 cm · Waist line from back neck root 35 cm · Waist line to hem 55cm

Sleeve length 33cm + frill 3 cm - The maximum tubular size of the sleeve 60 cm - Bust 105cm (elastic stretchied up to 128 cm)

Waist 105 cm (elastic stretchied up to 128 cm)


Lined cloth ·collar and waist ribbon to button removable · The material is a mixed materialof cotton and cotton and polyester.

About washingCAUTION:

About red andwhite materials I use Japanese fabrics, but the color of red may shift. Take itout of the washing machine immediately after washing, hang it on a hanger andlet it dry naturally.